This module has been intended to provide a rudimentary idea on security threats, attacks, cybercrime and its precautions. The objective of this module is to create awareness among learners about different security threats and attacks on computer that is possible in this modern era.

Java is a general-purpose, simple, high level, platform independent, purely object-oriented programming language that combines a well-designed language with dominant features which makes java Robust and secure languages. In addition to the core language components, Java software distributions include many software libraries for the graphical user interface (GUI), database, network, and programming. In this Block, we will emphasize on basic features of Java language and got familiar with JVM, JDK, JRE, and API.

This module has been designed to enable learners to embark on paths of entrepreneurship through critical thinking, and innovation. The objective of this module is to make the learners understand the role and contribution of entrepreneurs to the society as well as the economy. This module intends to develop critical appreciation and impart effective entrepreneurial skills on the learners. This module will make the learners aware of the opportunities, challenges entrepreneurs face and the facilities provided by various government and non- government agencies in taking ideas to the masses. After successful completion of this module the learners will be able to identify business opportunities, synthesise ideas in to definite action plans, and communicate or present the ideas to others.